Reasons to keep your child at home

Fever: Temperature over 100º. DO NOT give medicine at home to bring the fever down and then send to school. If the child has a fever, they may be contagious and need to be kept at home. Your child must be fever free (without fever reducing medication like Tylenol or Ibuprofen) for 24 hours before coming back to school.
Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): What to look for:  Redness of the “white part of the eye” ;
Yellow, green or clear discharge from the eye (lashes may be stuck together) ; Itchy eyes ; eyelids may be red or swollen. The child must be seen by a doctor to be cleared to be in school. Everyone at home should wash hands often with soap and water and avoid touching the eyes.
Diarrhea: Frequent loose bowel movements (more than 4 episodes per day) . If running fever, student must stay home until fever is gone and bowel movements are “normal” for 24 hours without using diarrhea suppressing medications. Have student drink plenty of fluids and seek medical evaluation for persistent temperature and diarrhea.
Immunizations:  Texas State Law requires certain immunizations for children to have in order to be in school. Notice will be sent home by the nurse to notify parent when shots are due. If the shot(s) are not given on time, the child will be sent home and not allowed to return to school until the shots are received.
Bad Cough / Cold Symptoms: Bad cough / cold should be seen by a doctor to make sure there is no flu, bronchitis or pneumonia.
Vomiting: Has had a fever with vomiting .
Sore Throat: A minor sore throat is not usually a problem. A severe sore throat may be Strep, even if there is no fever. Keep the child home from school and contact a doctor to be cleared to be in school.
Rash: Children with a skin rash should be seen by a doctor to be cleared to be in school.
Keeping a Student Out of PE: A parent may sign their child out of PE for up to 3 days due to illness. If your child is well enough to play before school, after school and at lunch recess, please allow them to attend PE. PE is an important class that helps them perform better in the classroom. This class should not be missed if at all possible. After 3 days, a doctor note will be required to keep a child out of PE