Medications at school

For prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines to be given at school, the parent can: 1) Come to school and give the medicine to the student at the scheduled time
2) Ask that the school nurse give the medicine to the student at the scheduled times.
If the School Nurse is going to give the medicine to the student: All medicine will be brought to the Nurse’s Office and kept in the Nurse’s Office. Prescription and over-the-counter medicines must be in the original container.
Prescription medicine must be labeled with: Student name, Doctor name, Name of Drug, Date prescription filled, Amount of drug and Times drug to be given, Name and Address of Pharmacy (only submitting a labeled prescription bottle or medication is NOT acceptable nor does it take the place of an actual physician’s order). All medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) must be ordered in writing by a doctor licensed in Texas. Medication orders and medication from Mexico are not allowed.
A consent form signed by the parent and the doctor must be filled out for prescription medicine and over-the-counter medicine to be given. The consent form must list the drug to be given, dosage, and directions for administration . No student may carry prescription or over-the-counter medications on school grounds during school hours. (EXCEPTION: a student may be on an insulin pump, carry an inhaler or Epipen ONLY IF the doctor and parent have written consent signed and on file in the Nurse’s Office).